5 Best First Person Shooter Games on a PC Platform

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First person shooter games have always been very close to a gamer’s heart as an all-time favourite activity. Triggering bombs and aiming shots at enemies has always thrilled people worldwide, be it Counter Strike, Half Life or any other flick. In this article also some of the best first person shooter games have been listed. Hope you find them enjoyable and they thrill you to your core as per your expectations when you buy video games.

1. Golden Eye 007


James Bond has always been and always be our favourite high tech spy. This game gives you a chance to relive as James Bond and go on thrilling missions. The game is based on one of the famous Bond films from 1995 ‘The Golden Eye’ but some alterations have been made to the plot in order to make it apt for the modern world. The latest version of the game starts Daniel Craig as the James Bond.

Completing the mission within the ultimatum, allows you to unlock several cheats, enabling one to make changes in the gameplay and the graphics. The game is very good at graphics, video effects and the sound design. This game is a crazy obsession for many gamers till date.



Bio Shock 2 is a horror, thriller first person shooter game which has the most ever engaging plot yet. You are in a city of Rapture, finding your little sister. The city was once a metropolis, full of futuristic technology. You are supposed to fight the psychotic population of the city, whatever is left of it.

You have a combination of various weapons and tonics to fight with. The game is more of a science fiction including genetic mutations and extraordinary abilities, some of which you may experience yourself in the game. You have the multiplayer option also to play in the story mode. There are seven different modes to choose from. Bio Shock has a strong storyline and scary graphics which makes it a must have for sure.



CS:CZ is a very intelligent game to play. There are basically two modes. In mission mode, you act as the leader of anti-terrorist squad with access to trained professionals and latest weapons. Your aim is to save hostages from terrorist attacks around the globe. In non-mission mode, you have the liberty to choose to be either on terrorists’ side or the opposite. The mission remains the same.

The game is also popular for its online gameplay using which you can play with friends worldwide. The game has an intelligent half-life engine giving intelligence to the computer generated characters. The maps are very detailed from killing deserts to dangerous city streets. The environment is realistic including all the seasons of the real world.

It is the best strategy and shooting game in the world. If you are the kind, please go and buy it for sure.



The game delivers very cinematic and intense action using world class graphics and real sound features. If you love weapons, the game is a perfect match for you. You will be sent to most deadly conditions and places in the world to fight against the enemies of the world with modern and futuristic weapons of all time.

The game supports multi-player play as well which further makes the gameplay interesting. You can act as an American Marine or British S.A.S personnel. You need to win using both land and air warfare where co-ordination, accuracy, speed and proper communication are the keys to save life.



This game tops the list worldwide. It is called more than a game. Right in the beginning you will find yourself on a train to city 17 which will give you the creeps. You start with nothing on your disposal and as the game progresses, you start collecting your arsenal. There are very distinct enemies throughout the game which require different techniques to win over.

This game has won more than 40 ‘Game of the year’ titles and is already being called ‘Game of this decade’. This should be your first preference to try out. This is the real shooting game ever seen yet. Don’t think much just try this once and before you know, you will get addicted to it.

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