Add Facebook To Google+ Using Google+Facebook; Access Facebook in Google+

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I got my Google+ account last week by an invitation from a friend. But, still i am in a confusion on which i have to stick on to, with Facebook or with Google+. I asked to many bloggers and they all said Google+ is not going to stand up to Facebook. Many discussions are already going on about the same topic. The problem is, if i choose Google+ then i will get features like Google+ circles, Google+ Hangouts, Google+ Sparks etc (Want to know what this features are? See my previous post about Google+ ) which cannot be seen in Facebook. But, i have many active friends in Facebook and so i will miss them if i go for Google+.

New-Social-network-site-Google -challenges-Facebook

It seems like the developers and code masters also had the same thought. Guess what? Now no need for confusion ‘cos i can access Facebook from Google+ and do thinks like, Status updates, like and comment on posts and more. So, how did i integrated Facebook account with Google+. The answer is Google+Facebook plugin. You can also Add Facebook to Google+ by following this simple steps. Here we go,

1. Go to Google+Facebook and Download the Plugin. I am here using Google Chrome browser. The Google+Facebook is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google

2. Click Continue to install the Google+Facebook extension.

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google -1

3. Click Install. The plugin is installed and you can now see Facebook Logo near to the Google Profile in Google+.

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google -2

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google -3

4. Click on the Facebook Logo and you will be asked to Connect with Facebook. Allow the Googleplus Facebook app to access your profile data.

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google -4

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google -6

5. That’s It! Now you can see the Facebook Feeds in Google+. The integration is so good that the Facebook logo seems like correct fit.

Google Facebook-Facebook-Google -7

You can update the Facebook Status from Google+ and each update will be like “via Google+”. Hope you liked the Post and the trick. If you liked this please share this in Facebook and help your friends. Do share your comments about the Google+facebook. Thank you for reading.

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  • Gabriel Silva

    Did you know there's another plugin like this called Google + Twitter. :)
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    • Sreerag Nampoothiri

      No. Do you have any links to share. I searched and there is no search results… :(

      • Gabriel Silva

        Here's the link to what I was talking about. :)
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        • Sreerag Nampoothiri

          Thanks for that dude…bookmarked that….will have a post about it soon ….
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          • Gabriel Silva

            No problem. I look forward to hearing what you think of it. :)
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  • Michael P

    Thanks, Guy! That was fast, cant wait to know what I'm doing! Have a great day!

  • Rick

    It would nice to select between status updates and news feed.

  • Octavian

    Pretty useless actually.

    I don't care what network people are using, but I want to make sure that I can reach them every time I send them a message.

    I don't want to have to go to Google+ to find some of my friends, and Facebook to find others, and not know what to send them a message from. I want to send one message and have it reach my friend, regardless if they're on facebook or Google+