Top 10 Fun iPad Applications ; iPad Apps

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After the initial success of iPhone and iPod, Apple added a new gadget in their inventory in the form of iPod with full touch interface. Just like iPhone and iPod, iPad also has some of the interesting and fun applications that help to keep the users intrigued with their device.


  1. Marvel Comics: For all the comics’ enthusiasts who never stopped reading them Marvels Comics application provides an opportunity to read plenty of classic comics. In fact, with the great picture quality of iPad screen you will read all these comics along with their images in completely new way.
  2. Glee iPad Application: If you are dreaming to form your own band as a lead singer then you can pursue your dream on this application by singing different songs that are open to criticism by Glee Cast members. You really need to have this application if you really admire the Glee show.
  3. Painterly: To bring in the artists and creative mind in your soul you need to have this digital artists editing application, which allows you to edit the art with the help of more than 60 virtual brushes. In addition, you can use this application to edit your photographs with their precise pixels.
  4. Book Creator: Good for students, this application is entirely different from other book creating application allowing you to easily combine your text and photos to create your own eBook. What more will you ask for when you have additional facility to export these created books in ePub format.
  5. Djay: Ever dreamt of becoming a DJ, with this iPad application you get a chance to create your DJ music and record it using virtual pair of turntables and other DJ equipments.
  6. Sketchbook Pro: To provide unlimited boundaries to your creativity you can use this application designed and developed by AutoDesk. Already accepted widely by scribblers and professional artists you cam create magic o the screen using more than 60 digital brushes and millions of colours.
  7. Mark on Call HD: Good for architects and interior designers this Home Space Planning Designing Tool has plenty of room plans along with different furniture’s to move around in the room. You can witness the fun element attached to this application when you actually plan your interiors based on this application that has unique ability to attach your own photos.
  8. BOBO Explores Light: When you are having tiny toddlers in your home then this application is great to develop some interest in them bout science. With more than 1000 digital pages, laser explosions, lightning, reflections and human eye you will find the required production value in this application.
  9. Wired Magazine (UK): Especially for UK citizens this technology magazine with the great use of animation, video and increased interactivity has started their venture after US application only for the use in UK.
  10. iMovie: This is Video Editing applications specifically designed for iPad’s larger screen that allows you to create short films using the video clips in your video library along with placing soundtracks at different scenarios.


Users are always looking out for some of the great iPad applications to make their iPad experience more extravagant, flexible and promising. Applications mentioned above are surely top 10 fun iPad applications that have all the capabilities to enhance your fun experience of using iPad.

Guest Post by Bill Nixon who is a tech and gadgets enthusiast. He works for, visit the web site if you are wondering where you can sell iPhone 3gs.

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