Top 20 Android Apps That Every Android Phone Must Have

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Android the most popular mobile OS from the house of Google. What makes a Smartphone Smart is the amazing apps and the performance of the device. Here in the case of Android the apps make the Smartphone more smarter than they really are. The Android Market may not have as many apps as the iPhone app store yet, but there are still enough to be overwhelmed, and its growing at a breakneck pace. This indispensible Android apps serve a number of purpose with little overlap. Some are free and some have a price tag, but all of them are at (or near) the top of their category. So let’s get into the list;



1. Advanced Task Killer

One of the realities of having a multitasking mobile OS in Android is that you have to manage your apps so that they dont hurt performance or battery life. Advanced Task killer is one of those apps you hope you dont need, but you sometimes must have. It allow you to kill an application with a single click. This particular app killer includes an ignore list, a widget version, and a long – press to menu feature.


2. Barcode Scanner

This app turns the Android camera into a barcode scanner. You simply scan a product’s UPC code and let the app go to work to find it in Google product search or a search on the open web. You will be amazed at how fast it works. If you need to find product reviews (or  price comparison) while shopping, all you have to do is scan the barcode with your camera and open up your results. No more having to Google a product and sift through pages for reviews and or prices.


3. Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop is, of course, the best known photo editor in the world and its mobile app doesn’t do anything to hurt that reputation. But while the desktop version is known for having a zillion features, the mobile app is distinguished by its simplicity. It’s the best Android ( and iPhone) photo editing app for simple crops, brightness adjustments, and sharpens, for example.


4. Bump

Bump is a fun (and useful) idea for sharing info between two phones using the accelerometer, and it works across Android and iPhone. You can use it to share contact info(yours and others) photos, and apps. You simply open the Bump app, choose what you to share, and then hold the phones in your hands and bump your hands together.


5. Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is a great app that can replace the default messaging app. It is highly customisable and just way better looking. It lets you easily set different notifications for different contacts, change the background for texts, change the colour of bubbles for different contacts, and so much more.


6. Google Goggles

This is a fun app that is a little but ahead of its time. It does visual searches. You can take pictures of things and then the app tries to tell you what they are. It’s limited in it’s scope but it is pretty cool, and it’s definitely a peek into the future. One of the coolest features is the ability to take pictures of text in a foreign language and let that app translate for you. In a foreign country this can help you read street signs and avoid going into the wrong bathroom :)


7. Google Sky Map

Ever look up at the night sky and try to tell your friends that name of the constellation you’re pointing at, or try to remember which planet that is in the southern sky? Google sky map let’s you point your Smartphone at it and get the information. This is part of a new breed of apps called “Augmented Reality” apps that layer digital information on top of real world experience.


8. FeedR

FeedR is an RSS reader that works ass both an app and a widget. FeedR can add preconfigured feeds or you can add your own personal favourites. This app beats the competition with its ability to truly auto update. Many other feed readers ( especially those in the widget categories) require a user update to function properly. FeedR handles all updates in the background, with no intervention.


9. Shazam

If you want to impress your mobiles with a mobile app, show them Shazam. Ever hear a song being played at a store or on the radio and ask yourself, “Oh, what song is that?” That’s where Shazam comes in. Just hit the button and let it listen for 15 seconds, query its database, and then return the name of artist and the song. It  has about 80% success rate.


10. Tricorder

A lot of geeks I know like to say that our smartphones are becoming more and more like the Tricorders on Star Trek. Well, here is a fun app that turns your Android device into virtual Tricorder. It even offers some useful environmental information including GPS data, wireless data and ambient sound measurement.


11. FxCamera

Honestly, the camera software on Android is an area where major improvements are needed, but this app is a great example of what is possible. It has solid camera controls, full customization options, and offers some great effects to photos.


12. Wapedia

Wapedia is great for those who use Wikipedia frequently. Basically, it’s just a really fast way to access Wikipedia articles. It comes with a widget and it formats the page to load fast and look great on your phone.


13. LauncherPro

A free home screen shell replacement and application launching tool. It adds a bit of glamour to the default Android launcher by adding features such as smooth scrolling, seven home screens, transition effects and a dock.



An all in one messenger app is a must have on any android device. supports some of the most popular chat services such as Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo!, Skype text chat and Facebook. No better way to stay “always on”.


15. Vplayer

What VLC is to the PC, Vplayer is to Android. It plays pretty much every video format that Android doesn’t by default. Support includes Divx/Xvid, Flv, Rmvb, Avi, Mkv, Wmv, mp4 and a more. A great way to avoid transcoding content.


16. TweetDeck

TweetDeck through lacking in few areas, still remains one of the best overall apps for social networking on the Android platform. It retains most of the functionality found on its desktop version  such as creating custom columns for following specific friends and search terms. It connects with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Google Buzz. There is also URL shortening, simultaneous posting and a quick click and upload photos features.


17. Pulse

Pulse is perhaps the most visually appealing and easy to use newsreader app out there. It has an awesome repertoire of default sources from where it will pull in news feeds for categories such as technology, sports, business and many more.


18. ChompSMS

There could not be anything more bland than the default SMS app on Android. ChompSMS adds a bit of fun and functionality to the everyday activity on texting. It lets you SMS in a chat bubble style conversation format and more.


19. Titanium Backup

A powerful backup utility that saves all your downloaded apps so you dont have to install them all over again. Loads of customization options for choosing what apps/services to backup. This is an app for those who fiddle with their phone a lot-rooting , installing modded roms, and other such things.


20. Opera Mini

It is proven and fast mobile browser across all mobile platforms. Mobile version allows for non-proxy based browsing with direct socket connections. The Latest version, Opera Mini 5.1, features the familiar Speed Dial home screen on  which you can pin frequented websites.

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